Prophetic – Keys to the King’s Treasury

One of the private wishes these days is experiencing the supernatural manifestation of God’s nation in our lives. There is a Treasury in the Heavenly geographical regions this is filled with the abundance of God. It could be accessed thru 3 portals from earth. He has given us those portals but greater want to be entering them for impartation. Greater need to go into for the release of provisions. Whilst these portals are opened with the aid of religion it releases God’s Supernatural nation. You’ll see this taking place inside the

Scriptures when humans obtained supernatural provision in their lifestyles.

Permit me display you examples of these three portals being opened by way of


His word as a Portal

Romans 10:17 religion comes by means of listening to the word of God.

While you region your religion in His phrase that operation of religion opens

One of the portals within the heavenly places. The liberating of provision

Comes through this opened portal.

An example of that is found within the request of the Roman centurion

Who got here to Jesus as recorded in Matthew eight:5. He asked Jesus to

Heal his servant. Jesus told him He could come with him to his

Residence. This guy responded by using announcing that each one Jesus needed to do become

Communicate the word of healing and it might be completed. He had religion in the

Word of Jesus. You may study about the amazement that Jesus

Expressed due to this guy’s religion. If you apply what I shared

In advance you will then see this man before the residing word who’s

Jesus. This guy ought to see the recuperation provision for his servant. His

Faith opened this portal and it changed into imparted to his servant that identical


The name of Jesus Christ as a Portal


Acts three:16

With the aid of faith within the name of Jesus, this man whom you

See and recognise became made sturdy. It’s miles Jesus’ call

And the religion that comes through him that has given

This complete healing to him, as you may all see.

Those are the words of Peter as He announces to the crowd how the

Crippled beggar became healed.

Whilst you vicinity your faith inside the call of Jesus Christ it opens the

Assets of Heaven. Grace and provision is released thru this

Portal. The name of Jesus Christ holds delegated authority. Whilst

You in faith invoke that strong name over illness and spirits of

Infirmity, recuperation is the end result. Peter and John understood that

Authority after they prayed for the crippled guy sitting on the temple

Gate. Their prayer become no longer a petition to God in Heaven it changed into a

Command of authority. Impartation occurred after they gave what

They had within the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Every believer has

Been legal by way of God to invoke the authority that is inside the name of

Jesus Christ. Whilst you try this you enter this portal into the King’s

Treasury and retrieve from the spiritual realm what’s vital in

The natural.

His strength as a Portal

Paul the apostle makes this inspired declaration in:

1 Corinthians 2: four,5


My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive phrases, but with an indication of the Spirit’s energy, in order that your faith may not relaxation on guys’s know-how however on God’s electricity.

When you vicinity your religion in God’s strength and capability it opens a portal

Thru which His supernatural provisions drift. Request prophetic word An instance of that is

Determined in Luke 6:17-19. Here it says that crowds came around Jesus

To pay attention Him and to be healed of their diseases. Those  by evil

Spirits additionally were introduced. All of the people tried to the touch Him due to the fact

There has been strength coming from Him and restoration all of them. That they had

Religion in His energy. They knew if they might just contact Him His energy

Might be released into them. Don’t forget, the female with the problem

Of blood? She knew this as nicely. Putting your faith in His power

Opens that portal of provision these days. Does He have electricity to Heal

Illness? Yes! He additionally has the power to provide all your needs. Put

Your religion in His electricity.

The kingdom of God is manifested when the energy of faith is

Running. The King’s Treasury is to be had so that it will enter. His

Treasures had been laid apart in waiting a good way to retrieve them.

Prompt your religion in His phrase, inside the mighty call of Jesus Christ

And in His strength.

My recommendation is that you begin to dream for bigger matters. Let your inner eyes see what God has prepared for you. While you try this, desire and faith will take you there for impartation. Most of what i am sharing in this article is observed in my book ” The King’s Treasury” that is available via our website.

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